Don’t you have enough to be concerned about?  Of course you do, so let’s scratch one concern off the list---Sketchy ladders !  Why do I call them sketchy? Anything that has to be checked on constantly could be considered….well, sketchy.  Of course, as a construction manager you absolutely care about the safety of your team, but, there is at least one risk you can minimize by using a system that is unquestionably safe and efficient:  The Catwalk Scaffold Stairs.

Let me elaborate.  Access to scaffolding should be easy, safe and efficient.  The Catwalk Scaffold Stairs are ! And, importantly, they have OSHA’s stamp of approval.  Look at the host of safety items you DON’T need to be concerned about if your workers are using the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs:    

  • 3 points of contact:  using hatch or other ladder types, 3 points of contact is a must.

  • Restraining and securing the ladder at the top and bottom to prevent slipping.  

  • Using time to open the hatch, lower the ladder and opening the hatch.

  • The added weight of a worker’s clothes, protective equipment and tool (s) on the step. You can carry work materials on the Catwalk Scaffold stairs.

  • Positioning a ladder (if not a hatch) as close as possible to the work.  

  • Workers stepping on the top rung of a ladder.  

  • Ovcr-reaching...cause you’re where you need to be on the scaffold when you get there.

If you make the investment to add the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs to your list of fall protection inventory, you a taking a giant step toward safety.   Check out my short videos. You’ll be able to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Let’s face it.  The statistics are real.  Falls are costly all the way around:  Injuries, insurance, time lost, and unfortunately, sometimes fatalities.

“The numbers are shocking”, said Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems, and President of the American Ladder Institute.  “Every day 2,000 people are injured while using ladders;100 suffer a long-term or permanent disability and tragically, one person dies—every day. For many companies, ladder-related incidents are the single greatest injury and lost-time expense. Continuing education and providing state-of-the-art ladder innovation are the best ways companies can reduce, and in many cases, prevent ladder accidents.”

Yes, state of the art ladder innovation is where it’s at and the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs ARE my contribution to innovation and it’s gaining ground in the the construction industry.  

Keep your team from being scaredy cats.  They can walk safely and confidently on the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs.