Innovation in digital technology is so rapid that one can hardly keep pace with it.  Even though the scaffold industry has made significant improvements, it has lagged in innovative improvements to safety for the most important person:  your crew member---the one who makes everything happen; and it’s critical that we do everything to protect and enhance their working conditions. They need to feel safe.     

Having been in the construction industry for over 30 years, we knew that our first priority was to dramatically improve safety for every one of our team members.  So, after looking at the problems, we kept coming up with the same conclusion---that 2 ladder systems are responsible for most on-the-job injuries. We knew that if we solved this problem with an with an innovative solution, we could help the scaffold industry.

And that’s exactly what we have done !

The Catwalk Scaffold Stairs system is designed to make scaffolding safe and efficient.  Our innovation makes using the older step and hatch ladders in construction obsolete from both a safety and efficiency perspective.  

Let’s get into some of the benefits that you and your workers can expect from using the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs:

  1. They are approved by OSHA.  This makes inspectors happy.  The inspections can be done faster, which makes for a faster approval.  And, compliance equals fewer fines.

  1. Workers can carry tools and materials. Being able to carry tools and materials reduces the need for rope-and pulley buckets. Worker injuries associated with a rope-and-pulley mechanism are also reduced.  Material accessibility is key in efficiency and safety.

  1. No need for three points of contact during the climb.  The guard rails built into the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs protect the worker from having to use both hands.  Workers can safely carry materials with both hands and still have fall protection.

  1. No need for workers to walk through active worksites during work hours.

  1. A reduced risk of workers’ compensation claims and insurance payouts.  Clearly, since the design of the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs significantly reduces the risk of work injuries,  insurance payout for workers’ compensation is also reduced. Workers stay safe, insurance costs stay down.

  2. Managers can access upper project levels for inspection. J. Whittington, a superintendent at Pulte said, “We love them !  They are the BEST ! I wish we had them on every building. They are super safe and very productive. Even my city inspector loved them and liked how they helped speed up inspections.  We want them back at Radius.”

  1. Any certified scaffolding crew can install the Catwalk Scaffolding Stairs on a multi-level job site.  The stair system will connect to standard outriggers so that workers, managers and inspectors can access any floor.  

If you want to increase safety and productivity, reduce the risks of injuries and lost time caused by scaffolding accidents; besides reducing insurance costs, you will enjoy the benefit of your workers being safe, and feeling safe.    

I invite you to take a walk... on the Catwalk Scaffold Stairs.